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Furniture For Sale

Taking inspiration from the world around me, I design and create collections of furniture that are linked by a gorgeous colour scheme, pattern or design. These desirable ranges are launched regularly, and all the ranges exemplify the quality, sustainability and beauty of the Tread Softly brand.


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Harlequin Collection


The Harlequin collection takes its inspiration from the Venetian masquerade balls of the Renaissance. I opted for a bold, majestic palette, to reference the grandiose and imposing Venetian courts, playfully juxtaposing this with contrasting, geometric patterns reminiscent of the mischievous Harlequin’s decorative costumes. 

Guava Collection


In my new, planet friendly collection, you will see Aztec influenced geometric wood art designs brought together through a cohesive colour palette evocative of spring and summer. The colours work in harmony across the range, from dusty pink to the deep hue of Serengeti Fire dappled by flashes of warm yellow and gold.


Hosta Collection

Hosta’s for me evoke the sensual atmosphere of a rain-forest, and this collection takes its inspiration from those verdant greens, smoky blues and jewel like glimpses of pinks and golds of the South American rain-forest

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